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Experience the Fountain Mitsubishi Advantage

Are you ready for an extraordinary car-buying and owning experience? Look no further than Fountain Mitsubishi. Since opening our doors, we’ve been the most trusted dealership in the state of Florida, and we are proud to continue that legacy today with our exclusive Fountain Mitsubishi Advantage.

Our customers deserve an exceptional dealership experience anytime they walk through our doors, and it’s our responsibility to not only deliver but to exceed your expectations. Integrity, transparency, and respect define everything we do and set the stage for a customer-centric approach that prioritizes relationships rather than a quick sale. By shifting the focus, your needs take top priority and allow us to deliver a personalized, bespoke experience that saves you valuable time, respects your trust in us, and instills confidence in your purchase.

But what else can you expect when you work with our exceptional team? We want you to genuinely get excited about your experience today and maintain that excitement long after we toss you the keys to your new car, truck, or SUV. Fueling that excitement is the inspiration behind the Fountain Mitsubishi Advantage, our exclusive rewards program.

Instilling Confidence in Your Purchase

It’s easy for dealerships to focus on sales, bottom lines, and profit margins because that’s a natural part of business and success. However, when a dealership motivates its teams with commissions and quotas, the customer often gets left behind or forgotten. How so? Quota-driven sales teams become disinterested in building relationships or genuinely connecting with their customers because they’re saying whatever it takes to facilitate a sale and earn a paycheck. While the salesperson may see a big paycheck, the customer ends up suffering.

At Fountain Mitsubishi, we operate differently, rewriting the script of the traditional dealership experience. We’re so focused on building relationships that we promise to partner with you for life, giving you a front-row seat to our expertise and state-of-the-art facility. This partnership and lifetime commitment are apparent in the Fountain Mitsubishi Advantage, which offers a long list of complimentary perks that instill confidence in your purchase and prove we’re here for you every mile ahead.


Check Out the Perks

Tossing you the keys to your new car, truck, or SUV kickstarts the Fountain Mitsubishi Advantage. From complimentary benefits to discounts on accessories, the Fountain Mitsubishi Advantage is loaded with perks guaranteeing you get the most from your vehicle 365 days a year. Here’s a closer look at those perks and why this exclusive advantage is one you won’t want to miss.

2 Years Oil Changes and Rotations

When you purchase a vehicle from Fountain Mitsubishi, you automatically qualify for 2 years of oil changes and tire rotations at our state-of-the-art service center. The oil in your car, truck, or SUV is essential to its operability and longevity because it constantly cleans, cools, and lubricates the engine’s many moving components. Without the proper quantity or quality of oil, the engine is forced to work harder, using more fuel and running the risk of overheating. Routine oil changes mitigate this risk because our technicians will drain the old oil, replace the filter, and add the manufacturer’s recommended oil to ensure your vehicle has everything it needs to run its best.

Complimentary Roadside Assistance

One of the best ways we give our customers confidence in the driver’s seat is through our complimentary roadside assistance program. While many new models include roadside assistance from the manufacturer, you can rest easy knowing you can also take advantage of our local roadside assistance service. We’re here to help with whatever you need, whether you run out of gas, need a battery jumpstart, have a flat tire, or could benefit from lock-out service.

Complimentary Lifetime Tire, Brake, and Battery Checks

What are three of your vehicle’s most essential components to check before a vacation? The battery, tires, and brakes are easily at the top of the list, which is why we offer a lifetime complimentary tire, brake, and battery checks with every vehicle purchased at our dealership. The tires are your vehicle’s only point of contact with the road, so our technicians are happy to check each tire, measure the tread, and look for uneven wear or potential hazards. Likewise, they’ll test the battery to determine its operability and, hopefully, mitigate the potential of a dead battery leaving you stranded. Finally, our brake inspections are also essential, with our technicians evaluating every component of your vehicle’s complex brake system to verify you have optimal stopping power.

Complimentary Loaner Cars

What’s the worst part of bringing your vehicle in for service? Sometimes, service takes longer than expected and can leave you without reliable transportation. It’s a significant inconvenience, often forcing you to rely on someone else for a ride or borrow a vehicle. This isn't a concern with the Fountain Mitsubishi Advantage because we offer complimentary loaner cars to keep your life moving even when your car, truck, or SUV is in our trusted hands.

Complimentary Multi-Point Inspections

Multi-point inspections are proactive services and are one of the easiest ways to take care of your vehicle. How so? Anytime you bring your vehicle in for a routine service like an oil change or tire rotation, we’ll conduct a multi-point inspection. You can also bring your car by the dealership solely for a complimentary inspection.

A multi-point inspection is an excellent way to gain insights into your vehicle’s major components. During an inspection, our technicians will assess critical components, like the battery, tires, and brakes, to determine areas that need immediate or future attention. For example, we may notice wear on the tires, reporting as much in the multi-point inspection and giving you ample time to save for a new set of tires over the next few months. In other instances, a multi-point inspection may catch a failing battery, saving you from being stranded.

Complimentary Service Car Washes

One of the most exciting parts of getting your vehicle back from service is getting it back clean. We’re here to fuel that excitement and give your vehicle the shine it deserves. How do we do it? The Fountain Mitsubishi Advantage includes complimentary service car washes when you buy from us. Whether your vehicle is with us for a huge repair or just for a tire rotation, we make sure your vehicle is clean before it leaves our lot.

Partner With the Best Today

Are you ready to reap the rewards of working with the most trusted dealer in Florida? If so, it’s time to visit our dealership and meet our incredible team. You won’t find anyone like us, and you certainly won’t enjoy perks like the Fountain Mitsubishi Advantage.

We’re thrilled to partner with you and look forward to introducing you to a lifetime of benefits when you purchase your next vehicle with us. From 2 years complimentary oil changes/tire rotations and roadside assistance to loaner cars and multi-point inspections, our dedication runs deep and shows how our team will always go the extra mile to handle all your automotive needs. What are you waiting for? Enjoy the perks today!



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