No Contact Purchasing

Fountain Mitsubishi is excited to introduce our no-contact purchasing process! Our no-contact purchasing process makes it easy to find your perfect vehicle online when you select the “Personalize Your Payment” option. We’ll help you create the perfect monthly payment with our finance or lease options, get an estimate for your trade-in, and even schedule your delivery! You can even select accessories, trim, extended warranties, and other options. With this easy process, you can get your next car in no time from the comfort of your own home!

Steps To Get Your Next Car!

  1. Click the ‘Personalize Your Payment’ button on the specific vehicle you’d like to start the process for.

  2. Fill in with the information required and proceed to the next steps.

  3. Someone from our team will contact you by email or phone (it’s your choice!) to complete the process and arrange delivery of your new car!


Q: How do I get started buying a car online?

     A: Simply choose your vehicle, click on it, then select the ‘personalize your payment’ button!

Q: How will you know how much I want to pay per month?
     A: You input that information directly after clicking on the ‘Personalize Your Payment’ button! You can finance, lease, or pay in cash depending on your choice of vehicle.

Q: How will I know I’m getting the best deal buying my car online?
A: Our goal at Fountain Mitsubishi is to ensure everyone gets all the savings they can! That’s why we have an option for our tool to find additional savings for you and to estimate your trade in value.

Q: Can I choose my lender if I’m financing?
    A: Yes! We have multiple lender options available for you.

Q: Does the price include taxes and fees?
    A: Yes, once you input your address we’re able to add in taxes and fees into the total.